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Got your Kit? Let the Fun Begin!

you got a kit

Feeling overwhelmed by all the essential oil information and wondering where to begin?   We completely understand.

Since you are super busy, we have compiled a treasure trove of essential oil information right here at your fingertips. Now, here are a few quick tips to get you started before you receive your kit:

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    • Buy a good quality carrier oil.  We recommend grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, or organic coconut oil. Be sure to purchase these oils from your grocery section, NOT the cosmetic section. They need to safe to ingest, so get something you would normally use for cooking. Costco carries a huge jar of organic coconut oil for just about $16. It’s a steal!
    • Flip through the Essential Oils Handbook to learn more about using the oils in the kit, and be sure to share it with your friends!

get this party started

If you’re anything like us, you’re going to want to try the oils immediately when you get your kit.  You’re probably ready to rip that box open and start slathering on the oils, right? After your kit arrives, here are our best tips for getting the oil party started!

  • It’s exciting to get the kit and try everything, but start slow.  And remember, just it only takes one or two drops to be effective in the beginning.
  • Take the 14 Day Challenge to learn all about how to use the oils in your kit as well as a few other products.
  • Ready to start diffusing but not sure which oil you want to diffuse first?  Only fill the diffuser up about 1/4 of the way and add just one drop of oil. Then if you want to try another oil immediately you can empty the diffuser and you’re only out one drop!   This is a good way to try a “sampler” of the oils in the diffuser quickly without feeling like you’re wasting precious drops of oil if you cannot wait to smell the next one.
  • Speaking of smells… Keep in mind that everyone has a different “nose” for oils, just like perfume. An oil that we think smells great might make you turn up your nose, and vice versa!   Also, if you don’t like the smell but love all the benefits, don’t worry- most of the oils work just as well when applied to the Vitaflex points of your feet as they do anywhere else on your body. This method of application puts them far away from your nose… and covered with socks.

Hopefully this website will serve as a soft place to land for you to begin your journey to discovering all the benefits and uses of essential oils. Watch these videos at your convenience–maybe over your morning coffee or waiting in the carpool line.  This will give you a chance to really soak in the information and when you are ready to learn more, come back here again and again.